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Cervical dysplasia & HPV treatment

If you have received a diagnosis of an abnormal PAP smear or cervical dysplasia you may be wondering what your options are for treatment.  There are many conventional treatment options that your provider may discuss with you but Naturopathic Medicine takes a whole body approach to healing including when it comes to cervical dysplasia and with great outcomes and no side effects. 

We will discuss with you if you are a good candidate for escharotic treatments in a free 15 minute consultation in this phone call I will look at your labs and pathology report to see if this procedure is a good match for you.  Treatment will include a full Naturopathic consult to come up with a customized treatment plan that will include supplements specific for healing the cervix as well as a treatment even on your first visit.  This way of treating improves entire body functions as well as specific local therapy to treat abnormal cervical cells.  We will look at and consider the factors that lead to this diagnosis so that we can find ways to reverse it.  We may use nutritional suggestions, antiviral support, and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to the diagnosis.  


Conventional treatment for cervical dysplasia can include something called a LEEP procedure which stands for Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure where your provider will use a low-voltage electrified wire loop to cut out abnormal tissue and cauterize it.  The risks with doing this procedure are that it removes a significant amount of tissue with it and there can be an extended period of bleeding, increased risk for infection and can also cause scar tissue.  This could affect both fertility, carrying a baby to term  and normal childbirth.

 The other part of doing a LEEP procedure alone is that it is not addressing the underlying cause which is why did this happen in the first place?  We will work to improve immune function and “treat the cause” a major tenant of Naturopathic medicine.  

If after our phone consult you decide that you would like to proceed with the treatments you will schedule your first visit and complete a health intake form, I will look at your labs and pathology report to see if this procedure is a good match for you,  Your first visit will include a 90 minute appointment where we will cover many aspects of your health, I may order more labs.  This visit will also include your first Escharotic treatment which lasts about 30 minutes in itself.  We will decide on the best course of treatment and duration.  Patients often will be advised to do a total of 12 treatments either 1 a week for 12 weeks or 2 a week for 6 weeks.  

So what is an Escharotic treatment?  

These are treatments that exfoliate abnormal tissue off of the cervix.  The treatment starts with applying bromelain, an enzyme, to the cervix and leaving it on for 15 minutes to begin digesting or breaking down the dysplastic cells.  The bromelain is then washed off with a liquid herb called Calendula succus, this actually not only washes away the enzyme but is also very soothing to the tissue.  Next, a blend of the herb Sanguinaria and zinc chloride are applied to the cervix and left on for 1 minute and then washed off the same way the bromelain is washed off.


That would complete the treatment!  We do everything we can to make the process soothing and comfortable including heating pads, lying on a Biomat during your session and gentle music or a meditation played during your treatment.  

As mentioned above treatment usually consists of 12 treatments either once a week for 12 weeks or twice a week for 6 weeks.  In a few weeks after your last treatment we would perform a repeat PAP smear to assess progress; oftentimes the PAP comes back normal and HPV is negative.  

In doing these treatments we do not unnecessarily harm the healthy tissue or cut-out normal tissue which allows for greater outcomes and success rates.  

Please call the office for more details and pricing.

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