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Krista Czyzniak

Krista is a licensed esthetician and 2010 graduate of the International Institute of Cosmetology. She specializes in holistic skincare and believes in promoting the skin’s natural ability to heal itself. Krista is passionate about the use of clean, non-toxic products with every treatment. She has experience working with a variety of different skincare concerns from acne to anti-aging. Her goal is to bring out the best in your skin with the appropriate products and regular treatments. 

Massage Therapists


Sara Tyburski, LMT

Most of you know me as Sara, the office manager of Connecticut Natural Medicine. What some of you may not know is I am also practicing Licensed Massage Therapist.  Through the last 20 years as a massage therapist I have trained in a variety of techniques and modalities to soften tight, stressed tissues, and enhance relaxation and wellbeing.   While working here at CNM I was introduced a little bit closer to Abdominal Massage Therapy also known as Arvigo or Mayan Abdominal Therapy,  by Dr Sarah Schindler.  I was immediately drawn to the purpose and principal of the practice.  I am happy to share that I have now been trained in the technique, and am so excited to be offering Abdominal Therapy sessions here at Connecticut Natural Medicine.  Sara is actively taking new clients for Mayan Abdominal massage.  

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