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Naturopathic Oncology

Naturopathic Oncology is an integrative approach to cancer care that utilizes evidence

informed practice of the safe and effective use of natural and supportive therapies,

when combined with conventional treatments. The naturopathic oncology doctor

carefully evaluates the research literature for natural substances for cancer and how

they can work independently, synergistically or in conjunction with traditional medical

treatments such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. The goal of

Naturopathic Oncology is to create a healthy environment both inside and outside the

body. This is especially significant for people with cancer. Naturopathic medicine makes

use of time-tested, scientifically grounded, natural methods to strengthen the body's

ability to heal itself.

Naturopathic oncology utilizes natural therapeutics, including both modern and

traditional methods of treatment. Through diet and nutrition, exercise, vitamin and

mineral supplementation, botanical medicine, homeopathic remedies and more,

naturopathic medicine can support the body's own healing abilities and strives to

empower individuals to make lifestyle changes necessary for optimal health.

You can improve your chances of survival and create a healthy anti-cancer environment

inside your body after or during conventional treatments by truly beginning to

understand the way in which the tumor initially developed. Surgery, chemotherapy and

radiation are aimed at getting rid of the tumor, and they may be the best way to do so.

However, they are not aimed at the reason that the tumor developed in the first place.

This is the area where Naturopathic Oncology shines.

Cancer patients hoping to improve their survival rates, ease their symptoms, and

improve their quality of life can do so under the supervision of their naturopathic doctor,

working closely with their medical treatment team. This integrated approach gives

cancer patients the best chance at a healthy future.

Naturopathic doctors believe that there is an underlying cause to the cancer

environment in the body that allowed a tumor to develop. Your doctor will explore these

causes with you, which may include; immune system problem, toxicity of chemicals in

the system, lack of certain nutrients, and stresses on the body, whether psychological or


Furthermore, naturopathy utilizes a holistic approach to healing, addressing the whole

person: body, mind, and spirit. The core of naturopathic medicine is to treat each person

as an individual and to consider their whole being. We do not treat one bodily system as

a separate entity from the rest of the person. It is equally important to care for the mind,

the body, and the spirit in the appropriate manner for each unique patient.


  • A Comprehensive new oncology patient appointment will be two hours to establish a trusting and supportive patient-doctor relationship, discuss a complete health history, conduct physical exams and develop a personalized nutrition plan, personalized supplement plan and a personalized treatment plan of support. During this first visit there may be additional testing ordered and physical exams performed to facilitate optimal diagnosis and care. The initial patient consultation cost will be $400. With free 30 minute progress check 2 weeks after

  • Re-exam for 1.5 hours $299 - 8 weeks

  • Established patient 15 minute office visit- $50

  • Established patient 30 minute office visit- $100

  • For amputation complications, an appointment every 2 to 6 weeks is recommended with consideration to the type and severity of the complication(s) and type of prosthetic use.

  • For pain management follow-up visits are recommended on a case-by-case basis depending on type and location of pain in collaboration with other pain management practitioners such as chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, manual therapy, palliative care team and hospice care team. Typically weekly visits are recommended.

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