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Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Sarah is the kindest, most genuine provider. When other providers hadn't listened, she listened intently, never rushing, asking all of the right questions. I had never felt so validated and heard. She is intuitive and shows an incredible passion for her work. I have seen Sarah for pre-natal massage, she was my doula, and now my doctor ! I am so grateful for meeting her and having her help me through some of my most challenging times !"  -S.T.

"Dr Sarah is professional, listens to you, and has excellent solutions. She has always gone above and beyond for me, and has been able to answer my many, many questions. Dr Sarah was able to figure out what was “wrong” with me in one visit, after TEN YEARS of going from doctor to doctor to specialist to specialist. She looks at the WHOLE picture, listens to you as a human being, and puts all of that together with her medical training- it’s amazing to have her as my doctor. I’m super grateful for her!" -D.C.

"Dr. Sarah is incredibly intelligent and excellent at what she does. Her patient rapport is out of this world and her clinical skills are beyond thorough. You feel like you are heard. She will get to the root of the issue and provide you with a thorough treatment plan and a full explanation behind it. She helped my husband and I prepare our bodies for getting pregnant and when she gave us the green light, boom I was pregnant!! You will not get treatment like this any where else!"  -J.P.

"Sarah is knowledgable and calming. When meeting her I felt super comfortable immediately. The massage was great. My back and pelvis feel way better even after only 1 session. After seeing several doctors no one actually fixed anything until I met Sarah. If you are on the fence, don't wait!!! Trust me!!!"


"Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable, and she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed."


"Very knowledgeable and thorough.... offered additional suggestion for natural treatment for my condition vs. medications"


"Sarah gives the best prenatal massage!"


"Sarah was very professional, made me feel comfortable and relaxed right from the start. She is amazing at what she does!"


"Sarah Listened completely during initial consultation and worked on specific areas that needed attention. Very Professional, Highly recommend and I will be making many return appointments !!!"


"Love how Sarah is so compassionate and really cares about your well being. You feel so much better after having one of her massages. Dislike: That the hour goes by TOO fast! lol"

I wanted to again say thank you! You were such a huge help. I felt loving hands and couldn't see them, but they helped me through the pain. The Bach Flower drops got my doubt to subside long enough to stop saying "can't" when I got my first shower and washed my hair the Smell of peppermint and other amazing things reminded me of being thankful for your help.  Lennox is amazing and Dad is so in love it's truly a blessing to see.



I knew right away that Sarah was going to be “my doula”.  She put me at ease and made me feel like a friend.  She was available to answer all of my crazy “first time Mom questions” and that was invaluable to me.  When labor started she was right there, ready to go!  It was a sigh of relief seeing her arrive. I had a successful vaginal birth—a 9lb 8oz baby girl She is incredible at what she does and I would recommend her without hesitation. 




I used Sarah as a postpartum doula and for prenatal massage.  I felt like she was my savior arriving after the baby was born.  I have to be honest, I felt completely ‘undone’ and she made me feel so taken care of and that everything was going to be ok.  I felt so overwhelmed, having two older children to take care of still, housework and breastfeeding all day.  She helped me with breastfeeding, ran some errands for me, even did some housework that was stressing me out!  But most of all she made me take a deep breath and realize that there is nothing wrong with me and to this day I am thankful for that.  I really feel this service is so needed and it made a world of difference for me.  



"I absolutely loved having Sarah as my doula. She was amazing. We hired her for my VBAC and she was readily available to respond to phone calls or texts despite her busy schedule. Her Mary Poppins bag is never ending and perfect for every need during labor! Not to mention her AMAZING foot massages too. She's worth every penny!!!"




"Dedicated, compassionate & extremely knowledgeable"




"Sarah's work was fantastic. From little touches like the subtle, relaxing aroma of the face cradle to her goldilocks-like execution of hot stones (not too little, not too much), stress reduction and relaxation never came so easily. The best part of the massage was the hot towel after some initial work on my back. Not only did the compressions over the moist towel feel great, but I felt clean and fresh -- no oily feeling-- when the massage was over. Can't wait for my next massage and more of the same!"




" I wasn't sore at all! That was the best massage I've ever gotten. You're a master"



I survived my pregnancy with Sarah. She was not only a massage therapist who took many pains away but she was someone who I could go to to ask all my questions. I looked forward to all of my appointments with her and melted into the table every time. The ambiabce of the room was perfect and I loved listening to the chimes she played (my daughter loves chimes btw). From book recommendations to suggesting the use of Rescue Remedy (which I swear was how I had a less than 3 hr natural labor) Sarah is a fantastic resource!


You haven't experienced a proper massage until you have experienced All Things Considered. Sarah's holistic approach leaves you feeling like new. Try it, you'll love it!


Always an amazing experience! From the services offered to the little things that create a relaxing ambiance, Sarah has a way of satisfying every need! I've personally had massage (with hot towels and essential oils included), cupping and hot stone treatments done- all with tremendous success! I highly recommend Sarah to any and everyone- children, adults, pregnant women- in need of targeted body work or just for some relaxing self-time!


I've had the pleasure of knowing Sarah as a massage therapist and support for my alternative health needs. As a massage therapist, Sarah has great skills and has helped me immensely with my back issues that have bothered me for years. Sarah is very caring and empathetic when it comes to you as a person. You see it and feel it in her words and actions. She's truly one of a kind!


Truly amazing service. From the moment you walk in to the time you leave Sarah caters to every need, from aroma therapy, to the best massage to offering tea after, she offers superb service and stress relief.


I have had several massages from Sarah and I always leave feeling amazing! The atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming. Sarah often makes personal essential oil blends to make the experience have an even more personal touch. The hot stone therapy takes it over the top. Whenever anyone mentions they need a massage I immediately refer them to Sarah where I know they will be treated with the utmost care and respect!


I have had quite a few massages from Sarah by now and she is truly amazingly. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. She has an amazing way of knowing exactly what my body needs to help relax in some of my most stressful times! Plus her use of essential oils just add to the already impeccable atmosphere. I highly recommend getting a massage from her to anyone!


I haven't been that relaxed in a long time, relieved some knots I've been living with! I immediately scheduled my next appointment before leaving and am looking forward to my next visit


I loved your home it was very welcoming, the ambiance was perfection and the dogs are so sweet. I loved that you really took your time with everything. I am so grateful to have met you and will definitely come again. I truly appreciate it and hands down best message ever. Thank you for answering my wuestions and for sharing your passion with me.


Loved it all! Thank you very much!


Sarah is so talented at finding the trigger points for pain and working them out.. I go in with all kinds of pain and walk out a new person. I am so greatful for her work. Thank you Sarah.


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