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Fire & Ice Contrast Hydrotherapy


Contrast therapy is a series of brief but repeated in cold water and short sauna sessions, alternating between hot and cold temperatures.  This modality is “old time Naturopathic Medicine” used throughout Europe for healing and recovery.  Research now supports the use of contrast hydrotherapy to lessen muscle fatigue, reduce pain, swelling and lactic acid buildup, and to produce an effect of tremendous energy by supporting and stimulating mitochondria function.  The cold plunge is set to 50 degrees to start and the more sessions a person does we can lower the temperature down to 39 degrees progressively.  The sauna is infrared and is set at ranges of 130-175 degrees.  The experience is 60 minutes in length.  




Rejuvenate!  Contrast therapy boosts blood flow, immunity, and helps clarify the mind. It's also a lot of fun.


Decrease Recovery

Commonly used by today's top athletes, contrast therapy helps reduce inflammation and aids in quicker workout recovery.



Known to increase longevity, contrast therapy helps the body deal with stress, adding in longer performance.


60 minute session-$99   CURRENT SPECIAL $89!

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