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Meet our Office Staff at Connecticut Natural Medicine

A woman with short hair and a gray cardigan.

Angela F

Clinic Coordinator

Angela is our full-time Clinical Coordinator.  She comes with an extensive amount of administrative experience and attention to detail that is required for this position.  She helps with all of the day-to-day tasks along with problem solving, and the doctor's "right-hand woman".  We would never be able to do our job without this role and so we appreciate her tremendously.  

When not at work she has 2 daughters that she adores and loves spending time.  She loves gardening, cooking and she is well known for her art and creative projects. She has always surrounded herself with animals and currently has an orange cat named, Joey. 

A selfie of a woman with long curly hair and a floral top.

Samantha R

Front desk

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Sam is part of our Front Desk team.  You will most likely reach her when calling in to our office.  She is always very compassionate when taking calls, which makes her an excellent part of our staff.  She is currently becoming a certified Phlebotomist so she can handle the blood draws we perform in office making her an even biggest asset to CNM.


Sam and her partner, Zac, are proud first time parents of a son.  She loves spending time with her adorable son, watching him grow and attending Mommy & Me Gymnastics classes together.  She has been involved in gymnastics her entire life and coaches high school gymnastics teams every year.  She enjoys going to the gym and loves to practice healthy living and raising her son with that in mind as well. 

A woman with a brunette ponytail wearing scrubs.

Alley S

Medical Assistant

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Alley is our Medical Assistant here at CNM and also part of the Front Desk team. She started here as an intern and we were happy to welcome her aboard once she completed her program. She truly lives the naturopathic lifestyle. Previously a massage therapist, she has a great understanding and a true passion for all that the human body is capable of. She is currently in the process of obtaining a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition. You'll most likely speak with her when you call the office, where she'll be more than happy to help address whatever it is you need. 

Alley and her husband, Matt, are new parents as of February, so when she's not in the office, they are home with their daughter enjoying every second of new parenthood. She doubles as a dog mom too! She enjoys books, the beach, especially books at the beach, crisp mornings on the porch with a fresh cup of coffee, weight lifting, and yoga.

A woman with a flower in her hair and a black tank top.

Pam W

Registered Nurse

Pam is one of our amazing IV RN's.  She works Thursdays & Fridays here.  She has over 20 years of nursing experience in CA & CT, and most recently is the 3rd shift, lead nurse in the emergency room at a local hospital.  We are so blessed to have her as part of our team on her days off.

She is the mother of three and is very close to her extended family.  She loves to travel and really enjoys going to concerts.  She's a big fan of 90's R&B.  Bring up Snoop or NKOTB in conversation and you will quickly become besties.

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